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Accounts & Statements

What is a Statement?

A statement is a list of transactions, such as sales and adjustments that an account has made since the last statement. A sale will only appear on one statement, as once a transaction has been printed on a statement it will not be selected again.



Emailing Statements

Statement Formats

The layout of a statement is controlled using a Microsoft Word Document saved in .DOCX format. Simply edit this Word document to adjust the appearance of the statement sent to customers. The system reads the word document and converts it to the required format for the customer, such as Adode PDF, HTML or other formats.

Restrictions & Limits

Microsoft Word is a very complex and large specification running to around 10,000 pages to define the main parts. The decoder and parser included in the Retail System cannot implement all these features and often does not need to for typical use.

  • Tables, simple grid layouts
  • Embedded Images (Jpeg, Png)
  • Page Borders
  • Page Margins
  • Text Alignment
  • Bold, Italic
  • Merged cells
  • Image Manipulation

After editting the Word document you should test it before use to ensure that the document is processed correctly