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Online Sales Architecture

Onlines Sales are sales that are primarily created using external customer facing systems such as Internet commerce. These systems create sales and can transfer details to Fieldpine for stock picking and dispatch, or simply to record sales for reporting purposes.

There are two main types of online sales:

  1. Static Sales. Sales where everything is processed and the complete sale details are sent to Fieldpine. These sales may or may not be fully complete, but do not have specific realtime requirements. Most sales from eCommerce sites are processed as static sales
  2. Realtime Sales. These are sales where during the sale process the external customer/website must connect direct to trading systems to verify availability, reserve items or any checks that would mean the sale cannot complete without contacting the POS directly. Most takeaway food and drink orders are processed as realtime sales.

The main technical requirement is to generate a sale object/packet (XML, JSON, email, etc) and load this packet into the POS system. For static sales these can be processed in batch or delayed, for realtime sales these packets must be loaded immediately. The packets sent to load sales are rich and have many possible attributes