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Loyalty Schemes

A loyalty program in the Point of Sale can be setup to give customers special vouchers or free merchandise once they have earned sufficient points. Switch it on and each qualifying purchase earns points or accumulates monetary value towards a reward. Customer can either be added automatically or added manually to one or many programs. Two types of programs can be defined, a monetary based program where the customer(s) spend x amount to receive a reward of some kind, or a points based program where once the customer(s) have purchased the minimum number of a certain item, then they are entitled to free item on a future purchase.

Creating a Loyalty Program


Creating a loyalty campaign is an easy process. On the reporting home page and select the Loyalty option. Select the "New Campaign" option and complete the details and press save. Your new campaign will appear in Loyalty Campaign Management. There are subtle differences in setting up a a "Points" based campaign and "Monetary" campaign.

Loyalty Campaign Management

Maintaining a program or multiple programs is done by selecting the "View Full Detail" option listed against each or your listed programs. This option takes you into the "Campaign Detail" area for the selected program. From here you can do the following:


Loyalty Campaign Detail

Lists "All Members", "Active Members", "Stagnant Members", "Non Active Members" and "Non Members" of the selected program under individual tabs. Selecting a tab will display a list of customers and customer related loyalty information. The graphs located on the right display general details about this selected program. The loyalty infomation displayed can be saved into Excel supported format.


Members of the loyalty program are displayed on several tabs depending on their current status

All Members
Lists all members regardless of status
Active Members
Members that have had activity very recently. The number of days that is considered "recent" is determined by the Active Days value on the reward program setup.
Stagnant Members
A member that has some activity, but not recently. Members that are newly entering the stagnant status are probably ones you should be reaching out too; for some reason they seemed to have slowed or stopped purchasing from you.
Non Active Members
This group of users is all those that could use this reward program but have not made any qualifying purchases.