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eLink Sale Item Work Object

This object defines work still required on a saleline required to be performed by the retailer in some manner. This might be repairs, manufacture, customisation or delivery.

The field f220 contains a GeoLocation object

f100PhyskeyUnique key for this record
f101SalePhyskeyPhyskey for the sale we relate too
f102LinePhyskeyPhyskey for the saleline we relate too
f220DeliverToMVLDetails of the physical location for this item to be delivered. Items only have WORK packets containing delivery if individual items are being delivered alone, more typical is to define delivery information for the complete sale.
f221DeliverDateA date, excluding time, that delivery of this item is scheduled for
f223DeliverModeMethod of delivery to be used. A coded number:
  1. No delivery, customer taking item
  2. Customer will return and collect item
  3. Post Item
  4. Retailer to deliver item