Gds Machine Filter In

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General Description

This machine takes a stream of input values and verifies they are present in a second stream of values. Each of the values received on pin 100 are checked for their presence on pin 101, and depending on their presence are output on one of the two output pins.

Block Diagram

Gds Machine FilterIn
Input values to check»100 110»Values that are "in" the reference set
Input reference set values»101 111»Values that are "not in" the reference set

Operating Characteristics

Memory LoadLow - High. Values from both streams are buffered and values cannot be routed to pin 111 (not in) until the reference set has fully loaded. If the reference set is large, memory demands may be high
Processor LoadMedium.


The following machine takes an input file of "words", and checks them against another file of "dictionary", routing any words that are not in the dictionary to an output set. This output set is the set of "words" that are unknown. Note that live use of this machine would probably use a GdsMachineEditor on the output of the GdsMachineFetch_CSV to eliminate case sensitivity.

Gds Machine FilterIn
GdsMachineFetch_CSV (words) 100--- 100 110  
GdsMachineFetch_CSV (Dictionary) 100 ---101 111---100GdsMachineSet