Gds Machine Filter Top

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General Description

This machine takes a stream of input values, optionally grouping by one value, sorting by another and outputing only the top most result of the sort. An equivalent in sql would be "select * from table group by XYZ order by ABC limit to 1 row"

Block Diagram

Input values to check»100 101»Highest values per group set
Sort Field»102
Group Field»103

Operating Characteristics

Memory LoadLow - High. Values are buffered and values cannot be routed to pin 101 until all input data has been processed. In the number of sets created by the group field is large, memory demands may be high
Processor LoadLow.


	<f20>Gds,FilterTop</f20>		// Select Machine
	<f100>I,3,0,0</f100>			// Wire to input bus #3
	<f101>O,4</f101>				// Wire to output bus #4
	<f102>C,201</f102>			// Order by Field#201
	<f103>C,253</f103>			// Group by Field#253