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Printer Description blocks describe printers available in the system.

Packet Structure

Most records include

Common fields

Printer packets will typically contain one of more of these common fields, as well as potential extended fields described below

f100Internal Record identifier
f101Printer Sticker #. A globally unique value identifying the printer
f102Friendly name of printer. Designed to be used by humans, shown when selecting printers.

Optional Fields

These fields contain information used less often, but are still standardised over different printer types. They do not contain printer specific values

f300A human readable string describing how well a connectivity test performed to the printer. Typical responses are
  1. OK (close on network)
  2. OK (warning, may be distant on network)
  3. No response
f1000A pipe delimited list of current errors with the printer. If this field has a value then the printer can be considered unusable. Common responses might be
  1. Media Out
  2. Ribbon Out
  3. Cover Open
  4. Cutter Fault
  5. Printhead hot
  6. Motor hot
  7. Bad Printhead element
  8. Printhead detection error
f1001Media out indicator
f1002Ribbon out indicator
f1011Cover or doors open
f1012Paper cutter fault
f1013Unit is overheating / hot
f1014Other technical error
f1050Printer is in a paused state
f1060Label/Media length in printer units
f1061Label/Media length in mm
f2000Printer model as reported by printer (if possible)
f2001Printer firmware version. This is the version inside the printer, not any printer driver version
f2002Dots per mm (Horizontal)
f2003Dots per mm (Vertical)
f2004Memory size of printer
f2005Optional extras on printer. (Values not yet standardised, use with caution)
f2006Type of Printing method
  • 1 = Thermal transfer
  • 2 = Direct thermal
f2007Field f2006 in human readable text
f2008Media Type
  • 0=Unknown
  • 1=continuous
  • 2=die cut (labels)
f2010MAC address of printer
f2013Printer Serial number

Zebra ZPL Printer Fields

These fields are used with Zebra printers that use the ZPL protocol. The contents of these fields are highly specific to ZPL printers