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Disk and Files Debugger Commands (154,000 to 154,999)

These commands are general purpose tests to verify the integrity of the computer disks, files and IO subsystem.

154,001 DiskSMART

Fetches and returns the SMART counters from disk drives.

154,001 Reply Packet

114SampleTimeDate/Time this sample was taken
Base + 0FlagsAttribute flags field
Base + 1ValueAttribute current value
Base + 2WorstAttribute worst value
Base + 3ThresholdReported threshold
Base + 4VendorVendor data

The Base value is derived from the formula
Base = (1,000,000*(1+Physical-Drive-Number)) + (Attribute-Id * 100)

The means the current value of attribute 3 for physical drive 0 will be stored in field (1,000,000*(1+0)) + (3 * 100) = 1,000,300

154,002 DiskSampler

This requests an IO test on a drive. The test can be executed in parallel with normal activity, but may cause degradation as it is attempting to briefly strees the IO subsystem in order to verify operation.

Command Packet

This command takes a number of parameters in control operation. If not parameters are supplied the default operation is to....

154,002 Reply Packet

120StatusOverall status of request. 0=error, 1=success
30,000StrideReading stride. Amount of increment between each read
30,001BytesSectorBytes per sector
30,002SectorsTrackSectors per track
30,003TracksCylinderTracks per cylinder
30,004CylindersNumber of cylinders
30,005TickStartGetTickCount() at start of test
30,006TickEndGetTickCount() at end of test
30,007ReadCntNumber of reads attempted
30,008ZeroCntNumber of reads that returned no data
30,009FreqQueryPerformanceFrequency() for this machine
30,010Individual Sample timer. Taken from QueryPerformanceCounter. This is an array with one entry per sample. This field does not have a name in order to keep space use to a minimum when sampling.
30,011TimeStartWall time when reading loop started
30,012TimeEndWall time when reading loop ended

Geometry information is returned verbatim, but may not be valid for a particular drive

Example Output