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Debugger Command 25,000

Information provided on this command packet is "as is, where is". Not all information is documented and fields may be added or removed without warning

This command packet is processed only by Fieldpine PosGreen (Windows). It returns internal dynamic state. Most of the information returned relates to how the code is currently processing. In general, it is returning information saved in the equivalent of static variables.

Only some fields are documented. Undocumented fields should be considered "random information"

Reply Packet Structure

Field # (hex)Field#Description
0001000365539GetTickCount() at time Pos started
0001000465540GetTickCount() when last WM_CHAR processed
0001000565541GetTickCount() when last WM_xBUTTONx processed
0001000665542Database relative size indicator, if relevant
0001000765543Current working directory
Debug Support
000A0000655360Number of memory compacting operations performed
000A0001655361Last symbol manually retrieved on debug page
001100031114115Current list of known tables in SQL database
001100041114116Number of tables being aliased
001100051114117Number of columns being aliased
0011000C1114124Number of open user script level handles. This number should return to zero if scripts are correct
Core Support
20000004536870916Date/Time of base lirbraries being used by fpos.dll
20000005536870917Value of TlsAlloc() in use
20000009536870921System Unique Identification number
2000000A536870922Location number
2000000B536870923Lane number
2000000E536870926Slave Lane Mode Flags
2000000F536870927System Type B (ie what we are)
20000010536870928Currency Code
20000011536870929Operating flags
20000012536870930Designer flags
20000014536870932Restart pending
20000015536870933Company Number
20000017536870935ISO Country
20000018536870936Operating Mode
20000019536870937Silent Mode flags
2000001A536870938Database path (folder)
2000001B536870939Transfer folder
20000020Active teller id
20000022Currency Separator character (from Windows)
20000024Windows default printer queue name when last scanned
+RD01+RD01Device Identification subpacket
20000200H through 200003ffH are used to indicate enabled Pos Functionality. Each value is encoded: 0=not tested/unknown. -1=not present. 1>=present
20000200Product Variants
20000/533dFull Security
20000/542dProduct Commands
20000/584dAccount Fee
20000/600dReward/Loyalty Programs
20000/608dReward Movements
20000/618dPreferred sale items