GDS Technical Overview

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Universal Domains

Categorise type of information stored inside database fields into groups such as "address", "phone", "price" allowing automated searching and linking.

Databases often contain lots of information, but typically not the piece of information you want. You may have a database with names and addresses, and another with demographic data based on suburbs. The problem is how to connect the two databases together. This is where universal domains help, by informing GDS that the names and address database really does have an address, the system is able to match other databases that also have the universal domain address defined. This matching is able to understand differences in addresses and still match records.

Reference Overview

Standard Domains

Common concepts are allocated global common constant identifiers, which consist of only digits

1cityA city or town name
2address-lineA single line of an address
3time-absoluteA point in time such as when something occurred
4quantityAn amount of something such as the count of beans in a tin
5descriptionA label description or tag. Generally human readable
6idAn identifying number that in itself has no meaning
7money-totalA sum of money
8address-house-numberA house number being the single digit value of an address where present
9address-street-nameThe street name an address belongs too
10latitudeA geographic latitude
11longitudeA geographic longitude
20countryCountry Names
23registration-numberVehicle registration number
24emailEmail address
25phoneTelephone number
26Street types (English)List of words commonly used as street types, such as road, place, way.
27City, suburb, regionA regional descriptor, which can be a suburb, town or city, state
28Color-namesNames of colors
29Prime numbersThis domain is primarily used for testing purposes
30Barcode SymbologiesKnown Barcode families
31Packaging typesCommon product packaging types, such as tin, bag, box, packet
32ZipcodeAn American ZIP code. This field only refers to US zipcodes
33State CodeAn American state abbreviation, eg IL, CA, TX