GDS uses a standardised error packet in order to simplify handling of errors on both clients and servers.

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Fields in QERR

All fields are optional, unless explicitly noted.
Output FieldDatatypeDescription
f3numberStandard error defining a broad category of error. This field SHOULD always be provided to clients. type failures.
4Feature disabled
8Invalid call. Did not like arguments etc.
32Unknown resource. The requested item is not known. This might be a pinboard, bucket, table, server or other entity.
64Security failure, at the widest meaning possible, not just password
128Application specific error, refer to F4. The field F4 can be returned by clients, even if this F3 field is not set to 128.
256Execute failure. The server encountered some severe error while processing the request. The client request is probably ok, but the server just cannot process it now.
f4numberAn application specific error code providing more in-depth information about the error being returned. Generally present, although this depends on where the error is generated.
f20stringA string description of the f3 value. A short message designed for technical users. This field will NOT convey additional error information.
f22stringAn application specific string description of the error code in F4. This error string is potentially displayable to users and will be returned in the current language of the device, or Accept-Language for Web.

Meetu4 Error Codes (F4)

These error codes relate to Meetu4, need codes for RetailMAX.
124Manually generated error when login credentials include "|debugtime".
130User required for new logins.
131Device UserGuid does not match provided value.
132Unable to process at this time. The server is encountering some kind of condition that means it is unable to reliably respond at this time. Pause and try again shortly (in this context, pause means at least a few seconds)
133No user record. The device has successfully logged in, however the server cannot locate the user record. This should not happen in normal operation.
134No retailer record. The device has successfully logged in, however the server cannot locate the retailer record. This can occur if a shopper attempts to access retailer only buckets
135A required predicate for this bucket has not been supplied
136The bid amount was not sufficent for the message. It has not been accepted.
137Bad arguments. Either a parameter was missing or out of bounds
138Account name in use
139Account name not accepted. A variation of 138 where we do not wish to confirm that this is already an account or not.
140Wrong password
141New password not accepted
142Unable to email
143Account Locked
144Unspecified error whilst trying to delete device


A security failure


Locked account

 <F22>Account gesperrt</F22>