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PricingBuyMPayN Machine



This machines checks the active sale and automatically applies "Buy M, Pay N" style of discount. For example a 3 for 2, configuration means that shopper buys three items, but only pays for 2.

This machine always calculates in the shopppers favour. When deciding sets to discount, it groups products in order to maximise the shoppers discount. If any rounding is required, the adjust is in the shoppers favour. If a disocunt of $1 is to be applied over 3 items (implying a 3x 33cent = 99cent total discount), then 2 items are discounted by 33cents and one item (randonly chosen) will be discounted by 34cents in order to ensure shopper receives full entitlement.


» 101BuyQtyNumber of items (salelines) that are required to produce a discount set.
» 102PayQtyNumber of items that will be paid for. This must be less than BuyQty.
» 103PriceModeHow the price discounts are displayed to the customer.

0. (default). Zero price the items that are free
1. Calculate the discount and then spread this equally over all the items in the set. This mode is slightly for confusing for shoppers but is better when handling returns

» 104NoPrintIf set to 1, disables the inclusion of a "Total Saving..." message on the customers receipt
» 105BlockDiscountCan items that are in a set, be or have additional discounts as well. 0=yes allow, 1 (default) = no, other discouints are blocked

Logical Operation

Tests may be performed in any order unless explicitly stated. The following is only a logical overview not a guarantee of order.

Verify that at BuyQty and PayQty parameters are valid ALLOW
Create a list of all items that we can apply to, exclude:
  • Modifiers
  • Items marked "no discount"
  • Negative priced items (eg returns)
Determine the best sets of BuyQty items. ALLOW
Apply pricing adjustments according to style set by PriceMode ALLOW