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Camera Interface

The camera interface allows you to capture snapshots from cameras connected to your POS system. This camera interface is not as fully featured as a proper security camera system, but does provide confidence or monitoring.

To test the camera output, browse to the lane fdlmgmt page and select "camera" hyperlink


  1. Copy of POS P1766 or higher on lane with cameras
  2. fpchart.dll, imagegen.dll in POS folder (available on request, usually found in GDS folders)
  3. Program CameraSnap.exe (available on request)

The camera logic is also available for inwards goods use. You can upload a photograph of an invoice and the system will attempt to read and understand the invoice. This can save completely typing invoices.

To use cameras for document processing (OCR), you need a high quality photograph, although most cell phones are capable of generating high resolution images. The front and rear cameras on iPads are not high enough resolution for this purpose, they are designed for snapshots. When using a camera, testing has shown that lighting is very important to the quality of the results