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The generate() command creates output of various types.


P2009 Create a system reporting event and transmit to event servers. The event code is "Site Script" (#227). Additional optional fields can be added using field(N,V) directive. The POS will automatically add all tracking and internal information.

The optional directive suppress(N,CNT,string) can be used to suppress the first N instances of an event, using the key "string" to count the number of attempts. It will transmit a maximum CNT instances of this event. Suppress is designed to allow you to transmit an event after N times rather than simply transmitting on the first attempt. Counting of attempts is in memory only and reset to zero if the POS restarts.

generate(event,field(350,User attempting bypass) field(605,%ResultCode%))

Generate an event if the user attempts to recall the voucher ( in variable vchno ) 3 or more times, send it up to 5 times and then no more.

generate(event, suppress(2, 5, "Voucher:%vchno%) field(350,Recall voucher %vchno%))






Send a character sequence direct to a COM port.

Example, Sending a Sequence to COM2.
generate(com,port(COM2) speed(9600) string(Hello%013%))
Send the string of characters Hello followed by a carriage return directly to COM2 at baud rate 9600.