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The maint() command is a collection of general purpose functions that don't always cleanly fit elsewhere.


(13 Feb 2014. P1780) Connects to Fieldpine Online and checks for any pending transactions to be downloaded to this lane. This is a one off transaction check to see if any web sales are pending. Sites that are configured for constant checking for rapid response to web shoppers, such as a coffee shop taking online orders for immediate brewing, would not use this command but configure for permanent checking instead.


Scans sales to see if any distributed records can be corrected with updated information. When sales are received from offline lanes without network connection., it is possible the server will receive seperate information at different times. For example we might receive the sale and new-customer information at different times. This command scans for these occurances and corrects the internal pointers to a more generic format. This updating is needed for some reporting systems that are unable to process time series distributed transactions. At no time is the data in doubt, this is simply an internal "tidy".

This command should only be executed on Head Office servers or master authority systems. It is not needed for general operation


Scans sales for systems using Mesh replication of sales (rare) and applies pending stock on hand adjustments. This command is called internally and does not typically require manual calling.

This command only works on Head Office servers or master authority systems.


Displays a simple screen where a barcode can be entered and the barcode will then be removed form the system.


P1908 Feb 2016This is a highly specialised command and only rarely needed for Access databases that have been corrupted and rebuilt using JetComp.

Instructs the POS to verify that every saleline and payment entry has a corresponding sales entry. If a match is not found the entry is logged and optionally removed.

This instruction cannot be executed on Head Office Servers, nor if there are less than 500 sales present in the system.

In order to actually delete orphan records, specify "delete" in the command. eg.

maint(sqldb(orphan(delete sales)))




P1908 Feb 2016, P1918 Apr 2016 Requests that this machine resend the stock transit information to servers. This is a workaround for support purposes only and is not needed for normal operation. Example:


Users can issue the QuickCode F2166 which will prompt for a transit number and perform this resend command internally














Reserved for internal use. This command instructs the POS to confirm transactions as stored on remote servers. It is passed from one machine to another and is not intended for interactive use.



Aug 2016, P1944 Accesses the automated maintainance system. This subsystem schedules and executes periodic maintainance tasks on a lane.

maint(list(display)) Displays the current maintainance list

maint(list( [ now(Task) ] )) Start execution of maintainance tasks now. The parameter "Task" is an optional single task to add to the current pending list. The format maint(list()) is used to start execution of all current pending tasks.

maint(list(add(Task))) Manually add the task to the list of pending tasks and exit. This is used to queue new maintainance tasks for later processing.

"task" numbers are


Aug 2016, P1942 Deletes old information from the database in order to make it smaller. Information is only removed if is it older and/or known to already be stored elsewhere. As a general guide running a maint(archive(*)) every few months migth be beneficial

This command is primarily intended for trading counters and store servers