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There are two commands to control settings. The first form, "settings(...)" stores literal text into the setting. The second form "settingset(...)" perfoms symbol substitution on the value before storing it to the system.

Commnd Overview

Sets NAME to VALUE and stores this association into the database for the current lane.
Performs symbol replacement on VALUE and stores the post replacement value to NAME for the current lane.

Note that settingset() does not require the keyword "set" that the settings() command needs


	settings(set,TellerTimeout:27)	-- sets TellerTimeout to "27"

	settings(set,u_Test:%abc%)	-- set U_Test to "%abc%"

	set abc = "Hello World"
	settingset(u_Test:%abc%)	-- set U_Test to "Hello World"



Settings are stored in persistent storage. This is typically in the database table called "settings" but other locations may be used without warning


settings Yes No No No
settingset Yes No No No