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Receiving a Purchase Order


This document explains the steps in receipting in a purchase order. This document continues on from Creating Purchase Order. The Purchasing options can be found in the "Stock Manager" area which is located under the Industry Specific heading. Once in this screen you must select the store which are located in. This is done by selecting on the icon on the right hand side of the page and selecting your store from the list. If a store has not been set then a question mark will be displayed. For this example my current store selected is "Rotorua".

Receipting in a Purchase Order

Before receipting in an order please make sure you set the store you are in for this order.

  1. There are three ways to receipt in a Purchase Order. Both options take you to the same page.

  2. The third way is to is to select the Purchase Orders option under the Products area.

  3. A list of all open Purchase Orders will be displayed. Click on the order in question. A window similar to the screen shown will open.

  4. Click on the "Receive" button and then click ok on the next window and a "Receive Stock via a Purchase Order screen will be displayed.
  5. The "Receive Stock via Purchase Order" screen has 4 boxes across the top: Reference, Date on Document, Barcode and Search.

  6. This page has a "Progress Bar across the top. This progress bar will update based on how far you are through completing this order.

  7. This Receive Stock screen has 5 buttons: Full Details, Load Photo, Receive All, Pre Load Cost, Save to Server.

  8. The main area were the product/order lines are displayed has a number of entry fields.


The Plus GST, Plus Freight, Plus Packaging fields all have a up arrow and down arrow beside them. Some suppliers may vary how they present these various figures which inturn will change the Grand Total of an order. Eg. A supplier may list the Plus Freight and Plus Packaging charges above the Plus GST figure and another may not. The page allows you to move these figures to match how your supplier is actually charging you.

  • The following screen shot displays receipting in of an order. The freight and packaging components are below the GST as freight and packaging was excluding GST on my supplier's documentation. It is now ready to press "Save to Server" to complete in full.