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Programming User Buttons

This page relates to the following products/programs: PosGreen, RetailMaxWin, Fpos

Program Button Image
Example User Programming Button

This screen allows authorised staff at each Point of Sale lane to program specifically enabled buttons to perform functions. Often this is used to allow the adding of one touch "quick sell" buttons for short term use.

English Label
Sets the text to appear on the button. New lines can be forced by typing \n into the text.

Common Label
A shortcut method to quickly select common strings

Allows the button to be styled with rounded corners, if possible. The larger the number the more rounding of corners that occurs.

Text Colour
Background Colour
Selects from common colours for both background and text.

When selecting colours to use, keep in mind that around 8% of males and 0.5% of females suffer from colour blindness and may not be able to quickly read all combinations. Colours can also change slightly depending on the exact screen used to display them

Functions Performed
This section controls what the button actually does when pressed. The quickest way to program a button is to press the "insert" button and use the wizard that displays a range of common options

Screen of programmable buttons
Example of large number of programmable buttons waiting to be programmed

Additional Notes

Programming and Setup