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At the warehouse you can perform the following actions:

Dispatch Stock Out

Used to ship stock out to customers, such as deliveries

Manual Shipping

If you are shipping product out of the warehouse and wish to simply record this fact without going via the more formal channels of creating truck runs, you can perform a manual ship.

This method uses a barcode scanner. If you wish to use the keyboard see "Ship via Edit" below

  1. From the stock dispatch menu screen, select "Manual Ship" from the Deliveries out box.
  2. A new page will open.
  3. Make sure your store name reflects where you are. This should already be set to your current location.
  4. Scan the items that are to be shipped:
    1. When a valid "in stock" barcode is scanned, it will immediately be recorded as "shipped to customer"
    2. It will be removed from warehouse stock
  5. If you make a mistake on this screen, you need to use the "Transit list" report and edit the product. You cannot undo scanning on this screen.

Ship via Edit

You can record items as shipped to customer by searching and editing them directly

  1. From the stock dispatch menu screen, select "List Serial#s" from the "At the Warehouse" out box.
  2. Search for the exact item you wish to ship.
  3. Click on the row detailing the item to select it. A popup window will appear with more targeted information about this individual item.
  4. Select the edit tab, and there is an option to "mark as sold to customer". Complete this option and press save.

Delivery Returns

If items return to the warehouse from customers, or from deliveries that did not happen, the system needs to be updated to reflect the item returning to the warehouse. The method shown here is only recording physical stock movements, it is not applying financial adjustments.

Step 1 - Find Item

From the tracked item screen, search and find the item. You may need to change the selection range to all stock, as by default the screen only shows your stock. Most items should already be recorded as Owner=Customer>

Step 2 - Edit Item

Once you have found the item, click on the row to display full details. Select the edit tab. On the edit tab there is an option at the bottom to return items to stock. You must select the location receiving the stock and press save.