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Undertaking a Stocktake

Create a New Stocktake

The Stocktake Control screen is used to define a new stocktake within your pos application. A stocktake needs to be defined on one machine within the store you are counting. This should either be the Master POS or a POS that is shared to the Master. All other pos lanes within this store use this new stocktake to record counts against. It is suggested that the pos you define your stocktake on is also used to finalize your stocktake.

Snapshot Current Levels

Recording Counts - Shared Lanes

Recording Counts - Offline Lanes

Start the pos application on your pos lane and locate the Quickcode button.

If you have more than 1 offline pos in your store then it is entirely feasible to place some of your counters in to Counting Mode and leave the remainder in normal selling mode and continue selling.

Viewing Your Counts

You can view the counts recorded on any lane in a shared database setup.

Finalising your Stocktake

Before finalizing your stocktake, you must undertake the following:

To finalize choose one lane preferably the counter used to define the stocktake at the beginning and go into the Stocktake Control screen. Select the stocktake you wish to finalize from the Defined Stocktakes field and then select the Finalize All Products Now button and follow on screen prompts. The pos will set all products counted to the levels entered +/- any other stock related transactions.

Do not select the finalize by Department now button unless a specific department was selected when your stocktake was defined..