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Captive Suppliers

A captive supplier is a supplier that is directly owned or controlled by you. This can occur in retail if you have a manufacturing business that supplies your stores, or perhaps an importer that sells to your stores and other retailers as well.

Seperate but Connected Retail Systems

Advanced Use.

If your main retail system is configured on one account and you have a completely different retail environment for your captive supplier, you can configure automatic data exchange between the two retail environments.

Steps to configure
  1. Setup your Retail Server for your retail stores
  2. Setup your Retail Server for your supplier
  3. If the products are to be managed in your retail store server and downloaded to your supplier server:
    Manual Method
    1. Create a BAT file to issue the following commands
      REM Fetch Products from Retail
      wget -O products.xml http://RetailServer:port/gnap/x/buck?3=retailmax.elink.sync.manual&133=products
      REM Load Products into Supplier
      WGET -O response.txt --post-file "Products.xml" "http://SupplierServer:port/GNAP/DATI?xml="
    2. Create a Windows scheduled task to run this job periodically