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Ticketing Entry Counting

Entry Counting

Entry counting is the process where tickets are scanned at point of entry to ensure tickets are redeemed only once and also for reporting purposes.

Fieldpine Point Of Sale

On a configured POS Lane, scan the ticket QR code while at the main selling screen. The system will read and validate the ticket against the central ticketing server. In each case, the system will display a screen with details about the ticket scanned.

A Good Scan

Displayed when a valid ticket is scanned.

Already used tickets

Displayed when a valid ticket is scanned, but the ticket has already been used for entry

Wrong Event

Displayed ticket is scanned and it is not for the event you are currently operating. The ticket is not checked for validity, so all that can be said about this ticket is that it is not valid at this event entry.


Displayed if a ticket is a voucher for a ticket (prepay) but not actually a ticket itself

Bad QR code

Displayed if the QR code was readable but completely unknown within the system. May occur if you have external ticket vendors and details of all sales have not yet transferrred to the main ticketing server.