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Windows POS will not start

  1. Browse to the POS folder and verify that files posgreen.exe and fpos.dll exist. These two files are the minimum required. You will also need at least one dll name matching dbc*.dll and several other dlls.

    If these files are missing, verify your anti-virus has not quarantined them. Remember to whitelist the POS folder inside your anti virus so it does not happen again.

Browser POS and applications will not load

  1. Are all browser machines affected? If so, verify the store server is running. Can you open the browser pages on the server itself? If not, reboot the server. If yes, you probably have a network connection issue.
  2. If it is just one machine, you probably have a network connection issue to that machine
  3. iPad? Verify that the browser is not using "Private" mode which can affect connectivity and operation. Private mode turns the browser background to white on black, rather than the normal black on white.

POS licence has expired, but was working OK

A Pos licence is mainly used to allocate a globally unique number to the computer, rather than being about Fieldpine revenue protection. With Fieldpine centrally controlling the allocation of numbers this ensured no duplicates ever existed, but in some circumstances the delay in requesting a new licence from Fieldpine is not acceptable.

The method used by Fieldpine to tie the licence to the machine does not co-exist well with Windows 10 which can mean a licence needs to be reissued after Windows updates itself. To workaround this, P2015 reduced the licence mode and allows you to enter unique identifiers directly.

If you are a corporate customer and issue licences yourself, follow your internal processes to obtain a new licence, do not use the following information

Pos Version P2015 and higher

Automatic. Press cancel/no to all the licence expired and prompting screens. When possible enter the quickcode "F620" which will install weak licence mode and set the unique id. This quickcode will only work if you have previously had a valid licence code. You can enter this code before you have a licence problem

Manaul. Place the following two settings in fpos.ctl file

Where NNNN is the unique id value you wish this lane to use. This number must be unique across all machines in your trading environment.

If you are installing a new lane and do not have a unique id, the range of number from 150,000 to 499,999 (inclusive) are reserved for customers to allocate themselves

Warning. When using weak licencing, it is important you do not start two machines with the same unique id. If you copy the folder in Windows to another machine, remember to change the unique id. To help with this, you might like to enter the setting using the following format which ties the setting to the name of the computer. Replace "MYPC" with your computer name, as given by GetComputerName() call in Windows.

	force: computer(MYPC) LicenceAuto=NNNN

Older Pos Versions

Send your system code and unique identifier to Fieldpine support who will issue a new licence. If the file lastruninfo.txt is present in the POS folder, this has the unique id last successfully used on this lane

Alternatively, update your Pos version and use weak licence mode outlined above

PosGreen Old Computer Detected

Old Computer detected If you receive the message

    This computer appears to be too old to run this particular version of
Fieldpine Point Of Sale.

We will continue anyway as it might work, or it might simply crash.

Please visit and download "PosGreen For Older Computers"
This happens when the POS starts and checks that the current DLL being executed is capable of running on this computer. Old computers do not have all the instructions available on newer models so Fieldpine supply different DLL builds to suit different levels of computer. The main fixes possible are (a) purchase a newer computer, (b) revert to the older version or (c) download PosGreen for Older Computers

Internally, the following logic has been used:

  1. The ability of your CPU to execute SSE2, AVX and AVX512 instructions is checked
  2. If the CPU cannot run SSE2 instructions and this file is fpos.dll (which is built to SSE2 level), the above message is displayed
  3. If you are running fpos_0.dll you do not need SSE2 instructions as this code is built to not require them. This code contains the identical logic to fpos.dll