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Bis Sync Operation and Issues

A BIS syncronise is an operation of aligning remote databases to a server database, ensuring that all updates have been applied. Most updates are dynamically sent and received during normal operation, however circumstances can arise where systems are offline and might miss updates, or errors occur at either end processing updates. A syncronise is therefore performed to ensure the integrity of all data.

Steps in a syncronise are:

  1. Set a flag internally to record that a BIS syncronise is in progress
  2. Connect to the server and negotiate communication
  3. Scan for sales that have not yet been confirmed as stored permanently and transmit these to server.
  4. Request data that is to be downloaded, such as products, and load changes to the tables are required.
  5. Send all audit style data that has not been confirmed by the server
  6. Process any confirmation messages from the server
  7. Finally, regardless of success of failure status, reset the internal "Sync in Progress" flag to no.

Startup Warning

During startup, the POS system checks the sync in progress flag to see if a syncronise was in operation when the previous POS was terminated. If this flag is set, the following message is displayed

The last BIS syncronise transfer did NOT complete correctly. The system may not have all the information required to operate correctly. You should perform a syncronise operation soon.

If you receive this message, you should perform a manual syncronise operation as soon as possible. The system might not have all products and pricing and you cannot call support for "missing data" style of problems until after you have successfully syncronised.

Causes of this did not complete message are:

This message is not directly caused by reported errors, it only comes from process termination. To isolate these problems you need to check the status of the previous transaction - check bistfr.htm (although this won't help too much), check crash.out to see if system crashed, review Windows Event Viewer to see if machine was closed. Ask user if they exited POS while running.

This error is occasionally reported as it is a generic catchall type message for many sub problems. If a site is reporting this frequently, then the underlying cause should be isolated. If contacting Fieldpine Support, one of the key requirements is for us to either see the problem fail first hand, or obtain a complete POS backup taken as soon as the problem is detected.


The performance of the syncronise operation is directly related to volume of data and how often you syncronise. If you syncronise weekly, then it will be much slower than daily. As a rule of thumb, if you are syncronising daily and they are completing correctly, then it should not take more than 10 minutes maximum, with typical times more around 1 minute. Syncronise operations are affected greatly by many external factors, so performance can vary from day to day.


The following are known to lead to issues in some older versions of POS with syncronise, most of these are corrected in more recent releases