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Fieldpine Retail Solutions for store automation, Point Of Sale (POS), inventory and stock management, customer management, loyalty programs and analytical reporting. Available as private in-house systems, fully online cloud based or a combination of the two.

Fieldpine Retail Solutions and Point of Sale

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Extensible Retail Systems

Built with flexibilty in mind, allowing you to adjust the POS to suit your needs. Extensive APIs for integration

Single Store, Multi Store, Multi Brand, Franchise

Cloud or Self Hosted, Windows or Browser.

Stock Control, Customer Management, Pricing and Discounting,


Distributed, Self Hosted or Cloud

Install what you want where you need it.
Fieldpine can be deployed as standalone programs or web pages for desktop, tablets and mobile.

Backends can be self hosted for complete control and data protection, or use Fieldpine Online. Domains can use your custom domain names so Fieldpine appears to be part of your network

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Available in multiple levels user guides, how to guides, configuration, programming, database and deep internals


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