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How to Move POS to another PC

This page is intended for IT professionals and support staff.

If you need to move Fieldpine Windows Pos to replace a PC follow the instructions below. If you are wanting to install an additional lane, these are not the instructions to be used.

While there appear to be a lot of steps, the basic operation is save everything on original machine, restore to new machine and configure items like printers and shares.

On the Original PC

  1. Start the Point of Sale and enter the quickcode "123". Record the Unique Id #. You may need this later. Also note the version.
  2. Enter the quickcode "F620". This will place the unique id# into a file saving you from manually editting files on the new computer.
  3. Check to see if a PosService is running. Go into services and look for "PosService" and see if it is running. If so, stop the service now. Not all configurations use PosService so do not worry if one is not present.
  4. Backup the complete \Fieldpine folder to a drive so that it can be restored onto the new PC. Once you have taken the backup, you should not use the Pos on this machine anymore or transactions can be lost.

    In general the source folder should have less than 2Gb to copy. If there are thousands of files or too much to copy you can save some time:

    • If the folder \Fieldpine\Pos\AutoBackup exists, you can exclude this folder
    • Any large trace*.out files can be excluded
    • You can try using the Quickcode "F600" which performs a file cleanup. This is generally done automatically anyway so should not gain much

  5. Check to see if you are using a shared master/slave configuration with Access databases. This configuration has been deprecated so will only be seen rarely.
      Check the Windows folder \Fieldpine\Pos to see if they are shared. Record any information you may need
  6. Disable the POS on this old machine by renaming PosGreen.exe to PosGreen.Moved If you are using a shared master/slave configuration you might also like to rename the fpos.mdb (or green.mdb) database file so that other lanes do not accidentally connect to this machine.

On the New PC

  1. Keep in mind that you should not have to manually edit any config files within Fieldpine, this is a direct clone.
  2. Restore the backup of the Pos Folders from the original machine
  3. If the folders were shared in Windows, apply Windows file sharing now.
  4. Add desktop shortcuts as required for users. The shortcut should point to PosGreen.exe
  5. Install any of the following that are required. Refer to device suppliers instructions for steps to follow.
    • Receipt Printers.
      If the Print queue names have changed, enter the quickcode 73838 (or on newer installations of Pos try quickcode "setup printer") and select the correct print queue name. If the screen appears to have already selected the correct queue, you should still select it again and press ok to force saving it. In general you do not need to worry about queues being renamed as the Pos attempts to automatically find the best alternative printer.
    • Integrated Eftpos
    • Barcode scanners
    • Fuel controllers
  6. Start the Point of Sale. It should not complain about a licence being required. Enter quickcode "123" and verify that the Unique Id# is the same as the original PC.

    If it does complain that a licence is required, you can try entering quickcode "f620" and restart POS. This may work.

  7. If a PosService was being used on the original machine, register the service now.
    1. Open a CMD prompt in administrator mode
    2. Enter the following commands. Note, these commands are case and spacing sensitive
      sc delete PosService
      sc create "PosService" binPath= "C:\Fieldpine\Pos\PosService.exe"
      sc config PosService start= "delayed-auto"
      sc failure PosService reset= 1800 actions= restart/30000/restart/60000/restart/180000
    3. If SC command does not work, sometimes it just wont register services, you can try
      PosService /Service
      And then manually use services to set AutoStart and failure recovery modes
    4. If needed, more information about PosService is here

Checking the new PC installation

  1. Start the POS, you should not get any warnings that do not always appear
  2. Go into Past Sales and reprint a receipt. This verifies the printers are setup correctly
  3. If a shared master/slave configuration is in use, open another unrelated lane and ensure it opens correctly.