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C++/MFC Read Product Example

This example is primarily intended for programmers and other technical users

This example code is a simple example showing how the MFC classes can be used to wrapper the HTTP API calls and retrieve product information. This example is retrieving a single product and displaying rudimentary details. Calling the API in this way has no dependencies on libraries.

If you do not program using C++/MFC this example still shows the overall logic that would be applicable to most languages

This code is deliberately simple and would need enhancing before use in production level code


Download Visual Studio Project (37Kb)

// Read user interface, [not shown here, download full source]
long thePid = ???; // Value from User Interface

// Build the URL we want
CString Url;

// For this example we request Named XML format
Url.Format("/gnap/M/buck?3=retailmax.elink.products&9=f100=%ld", thePid);

// Other formats are possible...
// Numeric XML
// Url.Format("/gnap/buck?3=retailmax.elink.products&9=f100=%ld", thePid);

// Named JSON
// Url.Format("/gnap/J/buck?3=retailmax.elink.products&9=f100=%ld", thePid);

// Numeric JSON
// Url.Format("/gnap/j/buck?3=retailmax.elink.products&9=f100=%ld", thePid);

CString gError;
CString ReplyString;

try {
	CInternetSession sess("MFC_ReadProduct " __DATE__ " " __TIME__);

	CHttpConnection* pHttp = sess.GetHttpConnection(m_ServerAddress, (INTERNET_PORT) port);
	if (pHttp) {
		const char* Accept[2] = { "*/*", NULL };
		CHttpFile* pHFile = pHttp->OpenRequest("GET", Url, NULL, 1, (const char**) Accept);
		if (pHFile) {
			DWORD Status = 0;
			if ((Status >= 200) && (Status <= 299)) {
					char bb[4096];
					int readlen = pHFile->Read(bb, sizeof(bb));
					while (readlen > 0) {
						ReplyString += CString(bb, readlen);
						readlen = pHFile->Read(bb, sizeof(bb));
			} else {
				switch (Status) {
				case	404:
					gError += "URL or file not found";
					CString w;
					w.Format("Request to server failed with error=%ld.  Read failed", Status);
					gError += w;

			delete pHFile;

		delete pHttp;

} catch (CInternetException*pI) {
	char bb[4096];
	pI->GetErrorMessage(bb, sizeof(bb));
	gError += "Network level error:\n\n";
	gError += bb;

if (! gError.IsEmpty()) {
	AfxMessageBox(gError, MB_ICONSTOP);

// Display raw response string   AfxMessageBox(ReplyString);

// Decode and display response. [not shown here, download full source]