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eLink API Documentation

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The eLink API is primary interface for programmers and report writers to extend and customise Fieldpine Point of Sale.

This page documents advanced technical features for developers that wish to interface to Fieldpine Retail via the HTTP interface.

eLink defines a set of calls to HTTP endpoints. These calls can read and write most of the information stored inside the retail system. These eLink APIs are able to handle the variation on environments, database and configurations.

eLink is a large API with a wide spread of functionality. While the basic idea of a retail system is simple enough (products are sold to customers), they rapidly expand in scope into diverse areas such as stock management, ordering, receiving, CRM, security and auditing, system monitoring, statements, prepay vouchers, loyalty programs and more.

Fieldpine programs and reports all utilise eLink themselves, with some exceptions. The eLink API is the internal API used

Getting Started

The following guides may help you to understand the key features you need in order to use the eLink interface, we suggest you review the one closest to your requirements as a heads up to information you will need

This documentation is about creating new interfaces and reports for developers and programmers, it does not contain information about installing and configuring interfaces that have already been built

Guide to constructing API calls. Read this before attempting to create production code

You can use tools such as wget or curl to read and write the API from external scripts. Wget command line or the Fieldpine provided Tu Command Line Utility

Related APIs

The eLink API is an API for dealing with a retailers data. There are alternative API families for different purposes

Gds APIs available on the Gds server directly, which provide APIs of a general nature that do not directly use the retail database

sLink APIs. Supplier Link API to handle interfaces to and from supplier systems.

cLink APIs. Customer Link API to handle interfaces to and from customer portals.

API Function Calls

Key API to edit or write data  API to read data  API to read data, documentation in progress

Most documentation of the individual API calls will display examples in XML. This is only because XML is more widely understood and makes the examples clearer.


  retailmax.elink.customer.edit Add and edit customer definitions
  retailmax.elink.customers Retrieve details about known customers in the point of sale database.


  retailmax.elink.cardinquiry Lookup details of a single card held by a customer. This can be a prepay card or discount voucher.



  retailmax.elink.pricemap.list Fetch the rule based price maps entries
  retailmax.elink.pricemap.edit Create or edit Pricemap entries


  retailmax.elink.products Details about individual products Retrieve details about media and images available for individual products
  retailmax.elink.product.edit Create or edit a single product
  retailmax.elink.product.stocklevels In depth details about stocklevels
  retailmax.elink.product.paretolist Ranking of products using pareto techniques. Used to get "best product"

Sales Store a complete new sale into the retail system. Summarised totals of sales with ability to group totals in different dimensions, such as products, departments or suppliers Fetch full details of a single sale
  retailmax.elink.saleflat.list Return a "flat" view of sale(s) similar to a join of sales, items and payments


 retailmax.elink.staff.list Return details about individual staff members
 retailmax.elink.staff.used.list Returns information about when various staff logins were used.
 retailmax.elink.staff.edit Add and edit staff members into the system. A staff member entry is used to allow logins, implement per user security and record audit information
 retailmax.elink.teller.login Verify a username/password combination is correct and set authorisation details for this connection

Statistics Focused Calls An specialised API to return sales for today summarised by department. This is often used on dashboards to show current progress without needing to reference full reports

Stock Management

 retailmax.elink.stock.receive Record inwards stock arrival from purchase order, ASN or unexpected delivery
 retailmax.elink.supplier.pricebook.decode Decode a supplier pricebook into standardised format for use

Stores and Locations

 retailmax.elink.locations List store details
 retailmax.elink.location.lane.list Details of individual lanes
 retailmax.elink.lane.edit Update details for individual lanes

Other Supporting Calls

 retailmax.elink.tubt.list Recall list of transactions performed. This essentially provides and audit trail of API calls
 retailmax.elink.journal.list Recall list of transactions requested. The journal is written before requests are processed and will include requests that were rejected.

Write/Edit Functions

eLink "Objects" hold the details about an item or items. In other languages it might be called a "structure", "class", "packet" or similar terms

Saleline Definition of how a single saleline is represented. This object is typically used as a child of other objects

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eLink API Technical Documentation