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A multi retailer is a retail operation that is structured in a way that a central authority provides data to and manages a number of independent stores. Most commonly this is independent franchisee stores using common head office data, but also covers stores creating controlled agencies and suppliers publishing data for many retailers.

What exactly is a Multi Retailer?

Lets start with what it isn't. It is not a retail business that runs several stores. In this environment each of the stores sees a common view of data across all stores. A customer record for example, created in store A is visible in Stores B,C,..

A multi retailer configuration is where the stores are related but disconnected.
See Large, multiple independent stores In that picture, the "Data Master" supplies information and potentially controls the sub stores, Darwin, Perth, Sydney...
A customer record created in Darwin is not visible in Perth. They are seperate retail businesses. Each business, such as Sydney, may have one or many stores, but that block of "Sydney" operates as a single retail operation.

A multi retailer configuration allows you to exert control over stores, but still allow stores to operate in isolation with potentially different business procedures and policies.