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Coding Standards

The developers are constantly working and trying new things. You are welcome to try these features out while they are being developed, but we cannot provide phone support or assistance installing them. Not all projects are shown, only those that are open for customer involvement.

Camera Connections & OCR

If your retail checkouts have access to cameras, either built in of USB, then you can use the retail systems to monitor and record snapshots at various times and under various conditions. (More Details)

Excel Integration

We have been working on the next generation of our Excel Add-in. This version is designed to support a distributed database model and has more flexibility to allow access to more data, faster. (More Details)

Direct Program Interfaces

Some very advanced retailers sometimes need to implement business rules beyond the ability of the base line POS. A good example is highly dynamic per customer pricing, where prices change rapidly and beyond table lookup type structures. For these retailers, we are starting to document how you can create a DLL to interface to Fieldpine selling counters in realtime. This allows events to be handled in 3GL code directly.

This interface ability is only for Windows based POS at this stage, and users of browser based selling systems cannot directly use this technique. This interface is only available to low level developers (C++, C#, .NET etc)

Browser Based POS

Closing. Moved to Production

This project is about using tablets in store for common selling operations. This includes the ability to access retail hardware such as receipt printers and eftpos machines. Retailers wanting to trial this early are welcome, but should have technical implementation skills. You will need a tablet and instore WiFi network, and potentially a bluetooth scanner. These selling screens are fully functional, but have not yet been hardened for general use

Retailers who are wishing to perform back office functions and not selling, such as goods receipting, mobile purchase order creation, and stocktakes, should be looking to the next version update. Many of these features are already present.

Custom Mobile Apps

For App developers wishing to create their own apps to interface to Fieldpine Retail, we have a number of toolkits and libraries available. Subject to security and configuration, any function performed by Fieldpine Systems can be exposed as an API for app developers. If you are PhoneGap (Cordova) experienced and wish to build specific apps for your business, feel free to get in touch.

The plan for Fieldpine and mobile apps is to allow retailers to either use Fieldpine "standard" apps, or create their own custom apps. This may even be automated to point+click level. As mobile devices are typically very small, the layout and information appearing on the screen becomes very business specific rapidly.

All items listed in the developers playground are pre-release and not supported by 0800 support, but email comments are welcome. They may never be included in released products. You should understand there may be unknown risks in using some items and caution is suggested.

Documentation may be sparse on some items