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Expected Sales

POS Lookup
Expected Sales. (Click to expand image)

The Expected sales screen shows sales that were expected to occur on a certain date, but are not present in the database. The system takes a list of expected accounts and products, and then checks each combination for a given date to verify a sale exists. If the sale is not found, the combination is added to the list for further manual checking. This screen does not automatically sell the products to the Account holders, it is just a review screen to assist the POS users.

The Expected Sales screen contains the following options:

Maintain Lookup
Expected Sales - Maintain Lookup with Edit screen (Click to expand image)

Maintaining or Creating Expected Sales

The Maintain Lookup has "New" and Edit options. Highlighting a row within the lookup screen and then selecting "Edit" will allow you edit the current details for this entry.

Selecting "New" allows you add an additional Expected Sale entry by Account and Product. A New entry requires

Programming and Setup

Additional Information

Additional information on POS lookup screens can be found at the following page: POS Lookup.

This page relates to the following products/programs: PosGreen, RetailMaxWin, Fpos