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Lookup Screen

POS Lookup
Product Lookup & Right Click Menu Options. (Click to expand image)

A lookup screen allows the user to retrieve information from a particular table within the pos database. eg Product Lookup. Lookup screens are used extensively in the pos application and are the primary method for retrieving information at the user level. The most commonly used lookup screens are: products, customers, suppliers and departments

Using a Lookup Screen

To search for an item, enter the search term above the column you wish to search. In the example shown, you can search for "basil" by typing "basil" into the name field.

The system will search immediately on every keystroke (unless "Quick Search" is disabled)

Clicking a column heading, such as name, will cause the results to be sorted by that column. Clicking a second time will switch between ascending (A..Z) and descending (Z..A)

Select a row, by clicking on it and pressing OK (or double click if you prefer)

Sometimes lookup screens allow you to select multiple values (such as when selecting products to be sold). If you hold down "ctrl" or "shift" while clicking the additional rows will be selected. The "ctrl" and "shift" functionality is typical of many Windows applications.

If you type a question mark ( ? ) into a search field, a screen may appear to allow range type searching. This can be disabled in some cases.

Screen Contents

Lookup screens may contain the following options:

Programming and Setup

Additional Information

Additional information on the creating new or editing existing records in specific lookup screen can be found at the following page under the heading "Management Screens".

This page relates to the following products/programs: PosGreen, RetailMaxWin, Fpos