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Icon Documentation about screens may not match your system exactly. This is because the system uses dynamic configuration techniques to adjust the screen appearance and business operation to match your system configuration, country and business rules. Information in the following pages is therefore of a typical use nature and may need moderating to fit your exact business operation; we may show you things that you cannot do, or things you can do may not be shown.

These pages relate to the following products/programs: PosGreen, RetailMaxWin, Fpos. Screens related to Advanced Inventory, Customer Management, Accounts, Manufacturing, Reporting, Scripting are not included below.

Screens encountered while Selling

Lookup Screens

General purpose screen to for searching and finding, products, customers and more

Delivery Details

Capture information for delivery and exports

End Of Day

Summary of payments taken. Used for cashing up.

Expected Sales

A review list of sales we expect today, but have not yet seen.

Purchasing Screens

Create Purchase Order

Web browser screen to create purchase orders. Suitable for iPad and Mobile

Receive Purchase Order

Web browser screen to receive delivery of items against a purchase order

Management Screens

Product Edit

The primary product edit/create screen used to setup and control products.

Customer Edit

The primary customer edit/create screen used to setup and maintain customers

Account Edit

The primary account edit/create screen used to setup and control charge accounts.

Program Buttons

Define operation of user programmable buttons

Configuration Screens


Configure electronic receipts and benchmarking

Popups & Screens displayed after external events

Customer Id

Popup screen displayed when a Meetu4 id card is scanned

Ticket Entry

Screen displayed when a ticket is scanned at point of entry to an event

eCommerce Sale

Sale or action received from external website for picking