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Realtime Stock Levels

The levels packet is sent when a change is detected in the current stock levels for a store.

Packet Format

PidThe internal ProductId of the product involved. Details of the product can be fetched via the OpenApi call /OpenApi/Products/Pid
LocidThe internal Location id of the store/location for this level record. Details of the location can be fetched via the OpenApi call /OpenApi/Locations/Locid
QohCurrent quantity on hand in the products measurement units. Qoh is an integer


A record for a product that is known by this retailer. This is the most common record you will see

{ "Levels": [ 
    "Pid": 123,
    "Locid": 4,
    "Qoh": 16

A record for a product that is held at a connected Fieldpine system, perhaps a related store or a supplier, AND this current retailer does not currently define this product. This packet is rare, but might occur where a supplier catalog is being autoloaded.

{ "Levels": [
    "Locid": 401,
    "Qoh": 173,
    "PhyskeyProduct": "KKET4638948HGHGGDQQEY",
    "RmSystemLoc": "123,45,67,89"