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Delivery Addresses

Delivery addresses record the actual delivery address for a sale, which might not always be the same as the purchasing customers address. Delivery addresses are also referred to as shipping addresses

  • Once a delivery address is set and the sale completed, the delivery addresses cannot be altered.
  • Delivery addresses may be related to taxation status of the sale. Exports of sales are sometimes tax exempt
  • Delivery addresses are only recorded if explicitly set, they do not automatically appear.

Consider a customer with a primary address of 123 Baker Street.

  1. They come into your store and purchase some items. These sales get recorded without a delivery address.
  2. The customer phones an order in and it is couriered to them. If the salesperson enters/accepts the delivery address of 123 Baker Street at time of sale, it is stored
  3. The customer comes into store and purchases an item. They request you ship that item directly to their parents house. The delivery address saved is that of the parents house.
  4. When searching for delivery addresses of this customer, it now shows all defined addresses (those you have explicitly loaded for a customer) and all used addresses. (those "one offs" such as the parents address)
  5. The customer moves, and changes their address to 14 Rua Place. All historic sales do not change and continue to show the original address

Database Storage

The field sales.deliveryphyskey points to the table sale_delivery.physkey, which is the exact address used for this sale

Known addresses are stored in the table contactdetails, and linked to customers/accounts etc via contactdetailsmap

The setting

is set to 1 to enable multiple delivery addresses per customer/account.

The setting

is set to 1 to enable recording of delivery addresses against a sale.

Normally PosConfigSetup.SaleDelivery is always enabled when using delivery addresses, with PosConfigSetup.DeliveryAddresses being enabled if you want multiple delivery addresses per customer