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MYOB Interface

The MYOB interface connects your Fieldpine Retail System to the MYOB accounting system. Allowing you to transfer sales to MYOB


The terminology in Fieldpine and MYOB translates as follows:

A customer and/or account in Fieldpine is a Contact in MYOB.

A product in Fieldpine is an Item in MYOB.

An Account in MYOB has no direct corelation in Fieldpine. MYOB "Accounts" is an accounting specific term.

In order to transfer a sale, you must:

  1. Select the default Item in MYOB. All salelines in Fieldpine are merged to this single item in MYOB (say "POS Items"), products are not individually linked
    • Actually you can link individual products/departments to MYOB Items, then Fieldpine will seperate to those items. You might do this if you need to track some product lines seperately in MYOB
    • If you do not set a default item, then all salelines in a sale must be individually linked to MYOB Items.
  2. Select the MYOB Tax Codes. Being an accounting system, MYOB has extensive support for tax handling to cover areas like capital gains tax and the like. Fieldpine typically only deals with sales taxes, so you need to specify this connection. You must select tax codes, MYOB will reject sales we transfer without this information.

Account Sales Operation

Account sales in Fieldpine (ie where the customer has a charge account in Fieldpine) are typically sent individually to MYOB so that complete detail shows. This means:

  1. You need to link each Fieldpine account to an MYOB Contact. This is done individually under account edit in Fieldpine.
  2. You can optionally set a "catchall" MYOB contact to receive all other sales. You might set a catchall if you simply lump all debtors together in MYOB, but in general we do NOT recommend setting a default account.
  3. Account sales that are not connected directly to an MYOB contact, or a default account, will not transfer to MYOB unless you select "treat as cash sales"


  1. You cannot have more than 1000 Accounts, 1000 Contacts or 1000 Items in MYOB. This is a short term limitation due to how the MYOB programmers interface operates. Please get in touch if you using the MYOB interface and exceed these volumes.
  2. Communication to MYOB is mostly queued and performed in the background, not instantly. This is because MYOB servers have rate limits on how frequently they may be called, so we can never be sure when a call will get through. In practice you will not notice this as queuing is typically brief, but if something does not appear instantly in MYOB, wait 30 minutes before thinking something is wrong.
  3. When Fieldpine is authorised to MYOB, we must communicate to MYOB at least every 7 days (current period, defined by MYOB) or you will need to relogin. If you select automatic transfers then we will connect at least daily under normal operation.
  4. When a sale is sent to MYOB, the MYOB "reference number" is set to POSnnnn where nnnn is the Fieldpine sale number.

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