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Serial Numbers when Selling

Contains details about how serial numbers are captured, stored and used when selling items to customers. It does not cover recording serial numbers for inwards goods

There are two ways that serial numbers can be managed in Fieldpine, free form serial numbers, where the user can key in and edit serial numbers manually, and the more controlling form we call tracked items, where each individual serial number is tracked through the complete stock cycle from inwards goods to sale. This pages does not yet have details on serial numbers with tracked items.

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End User Operation

When using PosGreen, you can enter the quickcode enter serial number to view/change/enter the current serial number for a saleline. Highlight the saleline you wish to use and then enter the quickcode.

You can view any stored serial number in PosGreen using PastSales and expanding the sale and saleline in question. If a serial number is present the option Serial No: XYZ will show; but it will not show at all if no serial number is recorded, not even the label "Serial No:". To search for serial numbers over all sales, see How Do I, Serial Numbers

To change the serial number on a completed sales, use the web based Past Sales Finder, click into the sale involved and use the edit sale option.


The Pos will automatically prompt for a serial number when an item is added to the sale if the product has "Prompt Serial No" ticked on the operations flag of each product.

If using Excel to bulkload products, the column heading PromptSerial or Prompt Serial# can be used. The values 1 or yes, mean prompt for serial number.

If using tracked items, the setting DebugTrackedMeansPromptSerial can be set to cause selling of a tracked item to prompt for serial numbers. This is typically only required to be enabled if your environment is not fully enabled for tracked serial numbers


The primitive :sale prompt serialno will cause the POS to trigger and prompt for the serial number. This is the underlying command issued by the quickcode described above

Serial numbers are stored in salelines.serialno field and typically have a maximum length of 64 characters. salelines.serialno is also used for other items with serial numbers, such as prepay cards.