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Kits & Combos

A kit, or combo as it is also called, is a combination of 2 or more products that when purchased together in the same sale, result in a special price being applied for the combination. Common examples are a hamburger and drink purchased together are often cheaper than buying each individually.

Several different types of kits are available to suit different retail needs:

Creating a new Kit

New kits are created on the kits page, where they are entered by describing in english how you want the kit to operate.

Add new Kit entry screen

As you type the system will report what it thinks you mean and also any problems. The english language it understands is restricted so you still need to be reasonably precise with your description. When you are happy we understand your neeeds, you can press the "create kit" button.

The english entry screen broadly understands the following words

Retired Documentation

Kit/Combo Entry Screen

You can create a Combo by Selecting the combo pricing option from the "pricing" menu in purchasing, or directly issuing the POS Command "plugin(prodset.combo,)". (Hint, if the pricing button is disabled in purchasing, this indicates the database does not yet have kits support; this can be added by ussing the plugin command once, which will add the required database tables.)

Major Changes To Combos