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Barcode Handling

Device Override

This event is sent when the Pos engine wishes to either advise a device status change, or request a command be sent to a retail device now. Most commonly this is used when the local web page is controlling the cash drawer and is being told to open it now, or a receipt is being sent to the browser to be printed

Call Arguments

Physkey A unique identifier for this instance KKWE9382BHKWL3ERFTY8PZ
Command If present, the Pos is requesting a command execution opencashdrawer
DrawerNumber Which cash drawer index number is involved. This is only required if you have multiple cash drawers or inners, which is rare.
FlowPoint An internal routing number that identifies precisely in the Fieldpine engine where this device event arose. 432200803
Html Complete Html to render or print. <HTML><BODY> Tax Invoice </BODY></HTML>

Command: printreceipt

This command is sent when the retail engine wishes the current browser to print a receipt via the browser itself. This command is not sent if the retail engine is able to directly interact with the printer.