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UserPrompt Override

When the POS engine needs to ask the user for additional input, the routine Fieldpine.UIDispatch.userprompt is called describing what is required. You may like to override this function to provide styling or more user friendly input boxes.

Call Arguments

Physkey A unique identifier for this prompt instance. You need to return this value with the reply data KKWE9382BHKWL3ERFTY8PZ
Message The prompt message. You should avoid trying to make logic decisions based on this value as it may change without warning, or appear in different languages Serial Number?
FlowPoint An internal routing number that identifies precisely in the Fieldpine engine where this prompt arose from. They are not needed for prompting purposes but are invaluable for support. They can be useful in some cases to determine a bit more about why a prompt is generated 432200803
PromptType A number that indicates what type of prompt this is. You can use this value to determine the difference between a 'serial number' or an 'authorization code' prompt. This value should always be present and non zero, but needs to be retrofitted to the engine so may be missing in some places 1000

Prompt Types

1000Serial Number requested for an item being sold
1001Quantity being sold
1002Confirm Price
1005Scale weight. Used by scale emulator
1006Date of sale
1007Quantity being manufactured
1008Customer order no
1009Opening float