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UserMessage Override

When the POS engine needs to inform the user of status messages or warnings, the routine Fieldpine.UIDispatch.usermessage is called. It is also called for simple messages that need yes/no type responses.

Call Arguments

Physkey A unique identifier for this message instance. You need to return this value with the confirmation the message has been displayed KKWE9382BHKWL3ERFTY8WD
Message The prompt message. You should avoid trying to make logic decisions based on this value as it may change without warning, or appear in different languages Serial Number?
Owner Indicates the owning session for this message. Messages are sent to all subscribers and this field indicates if you should process this message or not

0 - You are receiving this message as an advisory and can ignore it

1 - This message is for you to display and process

2 - This message is being sent to multiple subscribers. You should if at all posssible display and process this message

ButtonsNeeded A bitmask indicating what buttons should be displayed and that a response of one of these button types is required.
Your repsonse message should contain a value that matches the ButtonsNeeded mask. If you are issued a ButtonsNeededMask of 9 (1+8) then acceptable response values are 1 or 8.

If you are asked to display a yes/no prompt you may physically display an Ok/Cancel prompt if you prefer, so long as is clear to the user. You must still return the values Yes/No in the reply however.