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Creating and Managing Agency Stores

A agency store is a third party store that sells your products or services on your behalf. A well known example is the dry cleaning model where a dry cleaning business may use a number of retailers (agencies) to handle customer dropoff and collection. An agency, in terms of Fieldpine, is not simply a customer that purchases your products and services.

When an agency store is configured in Fieldpine, the agency has limited access to your retail system, allowing them to create sales for you. This allows tighter and faster sales reporting and stock control.

Within Fieldpine, agency stores are seperate retail environments that interact with your store(s), they are not directly part of your store network. This means you can restrict the flow of information to agency stores so that not all data is visible. Do you really want every agency to see the complete details of every customer?

How to crete a new Agency

Step 1 - Prepare your store to communicate with the Agency Store

From the Stores setup page, click Agencies. A screen similar to the following will open. This lets you define the various technical parameters an agency store needs in order to connect

Create a profile if you don't already have one. The profile name should be only letters and digits without any punctuation. You might like to call it something relating to the agency chain. If you have multiple independent agencies, you might like to create a seperate profile for each one - the reason is that the passwords and API keys are contained in the profile, and if you wish to block someone in the future you do this at the profile level.

Once you have a blank profile, fill in the details

This the name of the membership group the agency will see. We suggest you enter your trading name
This is the equivalent of a password that the remote POS uses to access your server. We suggest a random collection of letters and numbers, at least 20, and up to 120 in total. These values are not typed in by a human. Use only letters and numbers for maximum reliability.
Where is your Fieldpine system located? If you are using Fieldpine online, then the value is as shown. If you are running a Store Server yourself with a port open to the internet, enter your internet accessible address. Don't forget the port number. If you do not have an open path to/from the internet then your store cannot support agencies
Server Login
If you are using your own server, what is the username/password to access it from the internet? This is not required if you are using Fieldpine Online

Step 2 - Setup the agency retail system

If required, install Fieldpine at the agency.

Step 3 - Have the agency install your details

In step 1 we created an access key defining how to communicate to your store. This AccessKey needs to be installed into the Agency Fieldpine system. From the manage profile screen in step 1, view the profile and copy the access key.

Login to the agencies Fieldpine server, and select the option "Retail Memberships". On this screen is an area where you can paste the AccessKey and apply it, as shown below

Step 4 - Fine Tune the setup