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Interfacing to Stock Sync

The third party application Stock Sync allows you to automate interfaces to popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, WooCommerce etc. Stock Sync is able to directly and automatically read your Fieldpine Store Controller to retrieve current items, pricing and stock levels.

Fieldpine is not associated with Stock Sync and is unable to provide support about Stock Sync and how it is configured.

To automate the uploading of product information to Stock Sync, you require an operation Cloudflare tunnel to your Store Controller. See ( Cloudflare Tunnel Docs , Fieldpine Network Docs).

Step 1. Create Custom Report in Fieldpine

Create a custom canned report in Fieldpine. This contains the definition of what information is to be sent to StockSync. The simplest starting point is to create a text file (using notepad) called

Into this file paste the following

reportid SiteWebSellProducts
title Products On Website (Site Version)
explain Shows products that have been marked as approved to be listed on your website
version 219
rows 25000

buck f3(retailmax.elink.products.list) f9(198,gt,0) f7(100,101) f10(websellfull) f10(314,515)
; Next line is used for testing, list products where pid < 100, which can be quicker to display
; uncomment the next line and comment out one above
; buck f3(retailmax.elink.products.list) f9(100,lt,100) f7(100,101) f10(websellfull) f10(314,515)

datasubpacket DATS
f10(100) f162(Pid) f163(pid) f12(4)
f10(101) f162(Local Description) f163(description)
f10(103) f162(Unit Price) f163(unitprice) f12(2308)
f10(105) f162(PLU) f163(plucode)
f10(198) f162(Publish) f163(publish)
f10(314) f162(Manu PartCode) f163(manupartcode)
f10(8390617) f162(Website Description) f163(f8390617)
f162(Jakarta) f440(/APPD/0/f1) f12(4)
f162(Surabaya) f440(/APPD/0/f2) f12(4)
f162(Bandung) f440(/APPD/0/f18) f12(4)
; testing/example f162(IsVegan) f440(/IsVegan) f12(4)

Change the 3 lines with Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung to be your store name. These columns will contain the stock levels for your stores. You can remove all stores if you do not want any stock levels, or you can add more rows if you have more stores.

Each of these lines has the following format

f162(StoreName) f440(/APPD/0/fNNN) f12(4)
Where NNN is the internal location id# from within Fieldpine.
In our example file Jakarta is location #1, Surabaya location #2 and Bandung location #18

Test the report by browsing to http://your-fieldpine-server/report/can/SiteWebSellProducts.htm Tip. If nothing shows, skip to step 2 below and ensure you have marked some products as published

Step 2. Mark Products to List

You will typically have products defined that you do not want to show to your eCommerce site. The above report is only selecting items that have been marked "publish to website". Edit each product to show on your website, and tick the "Publish to website".

You may notice that there are 8 "publish to website" tickboxes. Fieldpine allows you to publish to up to 8 different websites. The report above is selecting products that are published to ANY website.

If you want to only select say 'website #3' for Stock Sync, then edit the product to be published on website #3, and then change the report definition

buck f3(retailmax.elink.products.list) f9(198,gt,0) f7(100,101) f10(websellfull) f10(314,515)

to: requires Fieldpine version 247 or higher)
buck f3(retailmax.elink.products.list) f9(198,bitnset,3) f7(100,101) f10(websellfull) f10(314,515)

Step 3. Enable Public Access to the report

The report you have created is not yet visible to the internet due to security. You can publish this report and make it freely visible on the internet. Instructions for configuring this within Fieldpine are here
Stock Sync will be using the report in CSV format, so make sure you use /report/can/SiteWebSellProducts.csv as the "reply with" value.

When configured, check the URL works before proceeding.

Step 4. Configure Stock Sync

From within your Stock Sync account, you now configure Stock Sync to automatically and periodically read the URL you specified in the firewall rule