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Installing Fieldpine PosGreen

These instructions are for retailers that already have Fieldpine installed and wish to add additional lanes or checkouts.

A comprehensive technical description of the install process is at /docs/internals/PosGreenInstall.htm

Step 1 - Download installer

On the computer you wish to install PosGreen browse to

If this URL does not work, then check your internet connection, antivirus or anything else that might interfere with browsing the internet. You may need to change your Anti malware to allow this program if the settings are set to extreme security.

Step 2 - Answer all the security warnings

You may receive several warnings and additional prompts when downloading this program.

Browser Warning. For example, the browser itself may display this sort of prompt You will need to navigate these prompts and say that you trust this file. The type and wording of the warning varies depending on which browser you are running

You will then probably be presented with this screen from Windows saying the program didn't come from Microsofts App Store. Click "Install Anyway"

Windows Warning

You may also be presented with more warnings from your anti virus tools.

Step 3 - Fieldpine Install Main

When the PosGreen installer program runs, you will be presented with a screen similar to the following. There are several options for installing depending on your current environment.

Installation Main prompt screen

Step 4 - Select Installation Technique

At this point various paths exist depending on your exact configuration. Select which case best describes you.

If you are installing a lane that will connect to Fieldpine Online, skip to Step 5
Installing Computer » Internet »
If your DNS Scan has shown an option skip to Step 6
If you are a corporate retailer with your own IT department, this option will typically appear
Installing Computer » Network / VPN » Corporate Server
If you are running your own Store Server, skip to Step 7
Installing Computer » Local Store Network / LAN » Store Server
in the same building
If you are running your own Head Office Server, skip to Step 8
Installing Computer » Internet » Your Head Office Server

Step 5 - Fieldpine Online

Fieldpine Online Install If your Pos system is to use Fieldpine Online as the primary database, then enter your Fieldpine login details and click login.

If enabled, a button will appear that you can select to install.

If no installation options appear, then your Fieldpine Online account may have disabled direct access. Using a web browser, login to your Fieldpine Account as normal, select "Stores" and then "configuration" to enable it.

Step 6 - Existing corporate environment (with DNS)

DNS FoundIf you are installing into a corporate environment within a private network, then the "DNS Scan" may be green, with a link to install automatically. Select the retail system you wish to use and the installation process will automatically continue.

In the example shown, there are two retail systems present

Note to IT Departments. Your corporate network is detected by having a DNS SRV entry _fieldpinepos._tcp.current.local.domain with the details of your primary server IP and port

Step 7 - Existing retail environment (without DNS)

Known Server If you know the IP address of your server, you can directly enter this address where the example illustration shows in red, and click "Login". The installer will connect to that server and request available configurations.

Step 8 - Installing to an Internet Accessible Retail Server

Known Server Enter the details of your server as shown. The installer will connect to this address and obtain installation instructions.