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Enabling HTTPS / SSL in the browser

Information on this page only applies to retailers with their own inhouse Servers. If you are using Fieldpine online then you already have HTTPS and should always use it

Modern browsers restrict access to certain resources that are classified as secure resources. Cameras and GeoLocation are the most common, but there are many. In order to use these resources, the web server must be running HTTPS protocol, which requires an externally purchased "SSL Certificate".

In order to get a SSL certificate, your web server needs to be accessible to the internet, or you need DNS control ability of the domain. You cannot obtain an SSL certificate for a dotted IP address (such as

InternetStore LAN/WANNotes
[myFieldpine.example] This server needs an SSL certifcate for myfieldpine.example
This in turn requires a way to cross the red firewalled off area
Browser tries to use https://myfieldpine.example/...
- Browser validates SSL certificate by calling out to internet servers
Browser tries to use
- This will work, but cannot access any secure resources such as cameras

Option 1 - Use Cloudflare with your own domain

This the recommended approach for most retailers.


  1. If you have your own domain and DNS is managed by Cloudflare, skip to #
  2. If you have your own domain is DNS is managed elsewhere, then either register a new domain, or move DNS to Cloudflare
  3. If you do not yet have a domain, or want a seperate domain to your primary business name, then register and new domain and configure Cloudflare to manage the DNS entries
  4. You can now configure a Cloudflare tunnel, see Network security - Cloudflare Tunnels
  5. Once operational, devices within your store network can use https://your-domain to use Fieldpine.

Option 2 - Use Lets Encrypt

Lets Encrypt is free service providing SSL certificates. However, you still need to have your own domain and be able to prove control over it

Option 3 - Use Fieldpine randomly allocated domain

If you are unable to allocate your own domain for some reason, then Fieldpine may be able to allocate a random sub-domain from our pool. These are all on domains other than primary Fieldpine Domains. For example you might be allocated the domain name Allocated domains will not include your store or business name. The costs of setting up a random Fieldpine domain is generally higher than registering your own domain and using Cloudflare.

Option 4 - Self trusted root certificates

There are other options for technically capable installations. You can install a self signed certificate and add this to the trusted certificate store. This opens a whole other series of concerns, so if you are considering this then you will already be aware of the implications. Keep in mind that if you are using a mix of devices (Android, Windows, Apple) you may have different requirements per device.

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