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Multiple Departments Addin

By default Fieldpine Point of Sale defines one department group, into which products can be assigned. When the multiple departments option is enabled an additional 3 department groups are created, so that products can be assigned to 4 different "department like" groups.

What is a department? A department is a category group into which multiple products are assigned. You can then run reports on a department which shows the sum of all products within each department.

ProductDepartment 1
TomatoesTinned Goods
BeansTinned Goods
Chocolate BarConfectionery
Big Chocolate BarConfectionery
PeachesTinned Goods

When multiple departments are enabled then you can assign each product to different department groups. The department groups (department 1, department 2 etc) are not related, so can be completely different ways of categorising products.

ProductDepartment 1Department 2Department 3Department 4
TomatoesTinned GoodsRed coloured foodPopularApril
BeansTinned GoodsDark coloured foodAverageApril
Chocolate BarConfectioneryDark coloured foodPopularMay
Big Chocolate BarConfectioneryDark coloured foodAverageMay
PeachesTinned GoodsOrange coloured foodAverageMay

Notes and Tips

  • Try and keep the individual department names unique over all department groups. For example "Tinned Goods" is a description used in Department Group 1; it is better if you do not use the same description in any of the other department groups as well. This is not a restriction but makes it slightly easier for you as you do not always have to specify the department group you mean.

    This especially applies to the Excel addin where you can go =Pinboard("department.sales.revenue.period", "Tinned Goods", ...) when the name is unique. Otherwise you need to use a more specific format

    • =Pinboard("department.sales.revenue.period", "1,Tinned Goods", ...)
    • =Pinboard("department.sales.revenue.period", "1.17", ...)
    • =Pinboard("department.sales.revenue.period", "group(1) Tinned Goods", ...)

What Changes If I Enable Multiple Departments?

The Product edit screen grows to allow entry of the new department details

Edit Screen Change

The department management page has tabs added so that you can select and manage each department group individually

Manage Screen Change

Reports centered around department reporting may add selectors to allow you to choose which department group by wish to report by

Report Screen Change